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We are the leading property management company in Kothamangalam. We manage any type of properties such as land, house, villas, flats, shops, buildings etc. Our service includes rent out, sell, keep the property in good in condition etc. If you have a property in Kothamangalam and you are living abroad or any other place of Kerala or India, it is really hard to manage the property. Here we do all you want on your absence with very minimal management fee. Our property management policy is given below.

1. Understand your property management requirement.

2. Generate a file for your property.

3. Do necessary management as and when needed.

4. Update you with cost involved and management fee .


Manage House in Kothamangalam : We can manage your house located in Kothamangalam or near by areas. Our management process includes maintain the house, renting, selling, exchange, do necessary work and any other work you may need to do on your behalf. We understand NRI's and people who lives outside Kerala finding very difficulty in managing their house located in Kothamangalam.


Manage Flat in Kothamangalam : Do you want to manage your flat or apartment in Kothamangalam? We are here to rent out, sell or maintain your property on your absence. Its really hard to find a suitable management agency in Kothamangalam for managing your property. Our property management fee is very affordable for you. Now a days you can earn very good revenue by renting your flat. We can rent out both furnished and unfurnished flats.


Manage Land in Kothamangalam : There are lots of possibilities for generating revenue from the land. If your land is located near town or main road, renting is the best option for generating the revenue. If you want to sell your land, we can do the same on your absence. If you wish, we can manage and conduct any work need to be done. We do all land management with very minimal management fee. 


Manage Shop & Building in Kothamangalam : Always need a nominated person or company to handle our property on our absence. We can rent out or sell your property, if you wish to do so. As the part of management process, we can execute rent agreement, collection of rent, shop and building maintains and anything else you want to do. If you wish to manage your commercial property located in Kothamangalam, we are here to help you.


Manage any other property in Kothamangalam : We are happy to manage any other commercial or residential property in Kothamangalam on your absence. If you wish to manage your property, just fill the online enquiry form given below. 





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