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Do you want to buy property in Kothamangalam?  We are here to help you to buy any type of property such as land, house, flat, shop, rubber thottam or commercial buildings. Our team can advise you about the property investment opportunities in Kothamangalam and nearby areas. There are different investment options are available for Non-Resident Indian's (NRI's). We work based on the below criteria.

1. Understand your requirement.

2. Locate the ideal property for you.

3. Allow you to view the property.

4. Negotiate for a fair and reasonable price.

5. Verification and validation of documents.

6. Executing property buy agreement.

7. Do property registration process.

8. Further advise and suggestions.


House to Buy in Kothamangalam : Are you looking to buy a house in Kothamangalam? We can help you to find better property matches your requirements. As we are located in kothamangalam and our decades of working experience will definitely help you to buy a most suitable house for you. When buying a house we need to make sure number of aspects such as well water, basic infrastructure, neighbourhood landscaping, possibility of  any projects in near by areas and many more. Simply post your buying interest by filling the below form.


Flat to Buy in Kothamangalam : As a satellite town of kochi, Kothamangalam is growing very fast. Recently lots of apartment projects are completed and number of projects are on going. As a professionally managed company we can negotiate and avail better quality and reasonably priced flat or apartments for you. All our offered flats are build with high quality materials. You may inform us your budget, specifications, location idea etc to find a better living place for you.


Land for Buy in Kothamangalam : Land is one of the wise and precious investment option available in Kothamangalam. This town is just 25 km from Kochin International airport and 40 km from Kochin city. New road from Kakkanad to Kothamangalam will reduce the travel distance from 40km to 27km. We can help you to find a better land for you as per your requirement. Commercial and residential properties are available for sale.


Rubber Thottam for Buy in Kothamangalam : Really a wise and recommendable option for buying because rubber thottam price is reasonably low compared to Commercial and residential properties. This rubber estate can be converted into residential or may be as a business land in future. But always make sure that sufficient water and infrastructure facilities are available in the plot.


Shop for Buy in Kothamangalam : Another property investment option is buying a shop or commercial building. Number of factors need to make sure before proceeding with the deal. Parking facility available for customers, how easy to access the location from main shopping area?  any future development plans near by areas, business opportunities and its expansion possibilities etc. 





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